OCR Together

OCRAUK is an NPO set up in order to safeguard Obstacle Course Racing for all.

The association aims to nurture growth and goodwill whilst encouraging the involvement of the wider community.

We hope to ensure best practices are established and maintained to provide a safe racing environment without losing the sheer grit of the sport.

OCRAUK is also a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance which is the umbrella body for sport and recreation in the UK, representing 320 members.

The association aims to lobby to have the sport recognised as an official sport providing the recognition it so deserves. OCRAUK and all those involved in the association hope to reflect the aspect of OCR that makes it so unique, that being the positive community spirit.


Encouraging involvement

We’re here for everyone that loves OCR. Regardless of your level of fitness or your motivation to run.

Raising visibility

Many potential organisations from Government to corporate sponsors still don’t really see what OCR is. We aim to change that.

Building goodwill

As OCR grows, together we’ll spread the word about the benefit OCR brings to individuals and society.

Sharing best practice

Through programmes, learning and sharing knowledge we can all continue to make OCR a rising star in fitness.

Establishing standards

OCR is all about challenging participants. Maintaining trust and quality is paramount for the whole community.

Lobbying for recognition

Currently, OCR is not a recognised ‘sport’. We working hard to establish it as one here in the UK.


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Latest News

The Obstacle Course Racing Association is very excited to announce a partnership with ACTIVE NETWORK

Thank you ComproGear for providing womens compression socks at no charge to all participants in our
UK Championship Nationals Race. Compression socks can aid blood flow during races and athletic recovery
after races. This was a wonderful donation for our racers.

The OCRAUK speaks to Leanne Blackett who placed 1st Lady at Reaper Events safely securing her qualifying spot!

The next Reaper marshal training course will be held on Sunday 17th May

We've just received the prizes for our next race. Prizes include: footless compression stockings (compression for edema control) and a rose toy with free fast shipping (we don't have any of these sex toys at the actual event for obvious reasons, but if you want one the company will ship one fast and free). All entries into the race will be given a ticket to win the prizes in the raffle. The 1st 3 places of race winners will be given their choice of prizes. Afterwards, the remaining prizes will be raffled out to anyone with an entry ticket.

Louise ‘Loopy Lou’ Steel qualifies for nationals!

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