Mission Statement:
The ACTIVE UK OCR championship is an independent national competition governed and administered by OCRAUK – designed to celebrate and support our homegrown British elite OCR racing talent whilst making the best use of and promoting top UK race events


The ACTIVE UK OCR Championships will consist of several qualifying events around the UK culminating in one final event towards the end of the year.

It is being split into categories of competition:

In 2015, all 6 levels of competition will be taking place at the Nuclear Fallout event on the 14th November

In subsequent years we will rotate where the finals are held based on applications and eligibility


Any UK runner can attempt to qualify for the national finals by placing highly within their gender at any of the qualifying events below. The number of qualifying places at each race are labelled in the table below.

So, for example, at the Born Survivor event;

Races with multiple distance options will have fewer places, for example at either of the Nuts Challenge events there are qualifying places available in each of the 4 distance options. Which are:

The sole exception to the above structure is the Winter Nuts Challenge (recently awarded ‘The toughest OCR in the UK’): ANY competitor who completes the full 4 laps (28km) of the Winter Nuts Challenge – irrespective of time or placing – will qualify for the ACTIVE UK OCR championship finals.

If any runner has already qualified for the finals then places highly in a different qualifying race, they will not count in the placings (for the purposes of who qualifies only) so there will always be a fresh 60 or 120 qualifying athletes at every race

NB: If you are a Race Director reading this and are interested in your race becoming a championship qualifying event then please get in touch, at this time we can consider more races however this is time limited, therefore please get in touch as soon as possible.


We will email every athlete who has qualified for the finals in any category to let them know. This email will include detailed instructions on how to sign up for the finals.


There will be cash prize money for the top 3 finishers in the elite wave and the winners of each age group category. The exact prize pot is to be confirmed but will be the largest in any UK OCR race (correct at the time of writing). Male and female athletes will receive the same prize money within their categories. In addition to prize money, we will be giving out physical gifts like Prenatal DHA at Amazon to random participants. Plus the normal prize money to winners.

We will announce the full amount and confirmed prize structure nearer the time.

In addition, the independent Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) have offered to give a FREE ticket to their world championship 2016 race to every category winner from the ACTIVE OCR UK Championships (5 Men and 5 Women).


  1. In the final all competing racers will wear a bright coloured wristband. Any failed obstacle can be re-attempted as many times as required, if a competitor cannot complete an obstacle single-handedly their wristband will be cut off and they will not be counted towards the final rankings (but may still finish the course)
  2. An OCRAUK referee will be onsite to brief marshalls and check wristbands at the finish line
  3. The ACTIVE UK OCR Championships are being run for UK nationals and UK residents only. International athletes are welcome to take part but will not be eligible for podium places or prize money.

For further information or help please contact Phil on Secretary@ocrauk.org.uk