In Collaboration with OCRA UK and JCB Mudrun we can confirm that all Volunteers/Marshals will be paid for the event on Sat 1st July at JCB World HQ, Staffordshire.

Each Volunteer/Marshal will be paid £60 for working between 7am – 4pm approx and you can register by copying the link into your browser.

Marshals & Volunteers are the backbone of any race on race day and can truly mean the difference between a safe, fun and happy day had by all and something not so desirable. The staff at the event can only do so much leading up to and during the event but it is whilst the runners are out on the course, that the event teams truly need eyes and ears everywhere.

OCR has been around for some time now and whilst the role of Volunteering/Marshalling hasn’t changed much (safety & Fun) the commitment that some of them display to the sport is truly humbling. In our experience we know of individuals, groups that will travel the length and breadth of the country to Volunteer/Marshal at a race and whilst most are OCR participants themselves, there are those that only Volunteer/Marshal and take no part in racing what so ever and it is those people who will benefit the most, as the normal way of reward to a Volunteer/Marshal is to receive a free race entry or merchandise.

We understand that not all races can afford to pay cold, hard cash, you can work out the sums from the daily rate and with at least 50 Volunteer/Marshals needed for a standard 10km race you can see how many events would still rather stick to the free races and merchandise as reward,  but by speaking to Volunteers/Marshals at events and on the OCRA UK Volunteer/Marshal course it was easy to see that most would prefer cash and if they wanted to race they would use that cash to purchase an entry.

So what is the model and is the future in cash payments?

There are a number of ways this can be achieved and the model is based on that currently used by our European partners in the Alliance of European OCRAs first instigated by the former OCRA BENELUX now OCRA Netherlands where a charge was made to the event to provide trained Volunteer/Marshals and it was only those that had attended the course that would be paid, The event organisers are then safe in the knowledge that a base standard of understanding the roles and responsibilities of a Volunteer/Marshal has been achieved, this then coupled with a bespoke brief to Volunteer/Marshals on race day about the course etc (Which all OCRA UK Member races must conduct) gives not only the race staff more confidence but also that of the Volunteer/Marshal who will have a better understanding of what is expected of them.


The sport of OCR will continue to grow and with it, will come the requirement for suitable and sufficient training to be given for roles of responsibility, which will also include course designers, obstacle builders etc and this will be covered in a later edition.

We have all seen the survey conducted by IOCRU about OCR being its own soveriegn sport and it was an overwhelming YES! but in order to be taken seriousley we would also have to formulate our own recognised accreditation for Course designing, obstacle building and a myriade of other roles,  but most importantly safety training for those who will look after the lifeblood of the sport….YOU!

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