Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register for the OCR Championship 2016?

Go to this link and follow the instructions

Register button

Can I pre register now and upload my qualifying data for the OCR Championship later?

YES!  You have until 31 October 2016 to upload your results.

Will I get notification of qualifying at an event?

NO!  It is up to the individual to check the qualifying criteria against their results, then submit their registration results.

Where do I upload my Championship qualifying results?

After you have registered you will be give a registration number and you should upload your details here.

Why have a Championship and Competition, I liked it the way it was?

It still is the way it was, You can choose to take part in competition or just rock up at a race and have fun.

The competition element has been added so regular runners can challenge themselves against the course and other runners.

A Championship was introduced so that some of the best runners in OCR from the Country can come together and battle it out in either their age group or “Wave 1” categories.

As the sport also gets more popular athletes will look for sponsorship and having Championship podium positions is what will count in their portfolio.

OCRA UK is not for profit, so why does it sell tickets for Champs and merchandise?

Not for profit does not mean we get everything free, we have to pay for the day to day running of things and venue hire, costs such as Phone bills, broadband, Insurance, stationary are just some of the bills that have to be paid. Any profit then made goes back into the organisation for the good and benefit of the OCR community.

I have already registered in the Journeyman wave but I have now qualified for age groups, can I change my category?

YES!  You have until 21st Oct to make any changes, go to manage your events and choose to change category. There is an admin fee of £5 to change category and it is subject to that age group not already being full.

If you have any queries contact championship@ocrauk.org.uk

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