With the AGM fast approaching we thought we would give you some last minute updates and what to look forward to at the AGM.


The AGM will be from 6-9pm and we would kindly ask that arrive at least 15mins before so that you can make yourself comfortable and be ready for a prompt start at 6pm, we have a lot to get through and time will be of the essence.

We’ve been looking into using FB live to stream the AGM on Wednesday and it is possible to stream live from this page with one unforeseen snag.
Recording the event (including live streaming) requires all attendees consent. Providing everyone consents to recording, we will stream the event live. If however anyone objects to this, we will have to insist all recording devices are switched off.
This concern has been raised by one of the attendees, in advance of the meeting highlighting their data protection.
To reiterate, our aim is to stream the event live but must consider the wishes of the individuals attending the AGM in the first instance.

If you cannot attend the AGM, Send your questions to and they will be addressed. Questions will be taken in order and as time permits during the AOB part of the meeting.

A full set of minutes will be produced and readily available for public viewing on the website within 7 days, As with standard AGM protocol these must be upheld and seconded by persons who were present as a true account of proceedings.


As with the start of any body seeking to introduce Governance to a sport we understand that we will never be able to please everyone and with the organisation being just over 2 years since its formation there is a long way to go, but as long as the majority are in support of our aims then that is what we will continue to strive for.

This is not an easy undertaking and you can see that from the people who have been involved in the past and had to return to their normal jobs and family lives, but the one thing they have all done, is added a little bit more to the running of OCRA UK and without them we would not be here right now. The team that are here now can all be found on the website under “About Us”.

We would also like to take this opportunity to those who personally came up to members of staff to show their support at the recent Nuts Challenge & Suffering race and from the messages of support from overseas organisations, also to the Race Directors and staff who continue to believe in the future of OCR in the UK and beyond.

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