We held our AGM last night and whilst the minutes are being produced as we speak and due for publication within the next few days, We thought we would take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended, both in person and online.
To be as transparent and engage as many people as possible the AGM was streamed live and we found this hugely positive attracting 3000+ viewers from as far away as Australia and will now stream all AGMs live in the future.
It was also a great opportunity to allow those present to inspect the Associations documentation, in particular it was requested to see such things as the Child protection policy,Equality and Diversity policy etc and these were made available for inspection. Other documentation that was made available was bank statements and all other financial paperwork.
We also announced the support of the IOCRU, OCRWC and 365Sport to fund the OCR Championship prize winners for which we are hugely grateful and was received with an equally resounding round of applause from those present.
As discussed at an EGM in March 2016 it was decided that a new entity be formed and last night the process began by announcing a public consultation where industry SMEs will be present to better educate and advise interested parties, the approximate timelines for this are as follows
-Within 3 months, hold a public consultation
-Within 6 months establish a new self appointed interim board.
-By January 1st 2018, have held elections to instill a democratically elected board.
Without any delay that process was started today by communication with the Sport & Recreation Alliance.
Overall the questions from those present and online were well received and it gave an opportunity within a public format to address topics from a wide ranging background. With over 700+ comments and questions arising from the live stream it will be nigh on impossible to document them in the minutes so a link to the live stream will be made available for you to browse at your leisure.
Thank You for all the emails, texts and messages of support that greeted us when we opened them this morning, it was truly humbling to read.

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