OCRAUK is a Not for Profit Organisation set up in order to safeguard Obstacle Course Racing for all.

OCRA UK aims to nurture growth and goodwill whilst encouraging the involvement of the wider OCR community.

We hope to ensure best practices are established and maintained to provide a safe racing environment without losing the sheer grit of the sport.

We are also a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance which is the umbrella body for sport and recreation in the UK, representing 320 members.

OCRA UK aims to lobby to have the sport recognised as an official sport providing the recognition it so deserves. OCRA UK and all those involved hope to reflect the positive community spirit that OCR brings to this new and exciting sport for all and at all times keeping to the simple ethos of “Race Safe”, “Train Safe”.

We provide training for individuals to become a marshal and adjudicator

Who are we and what do we do

Home of the only independent OCR Championship


Encouraging involvement

We’re here for everyone that loves OCR. Regardless of your level of fitness or your motivation to run.

Raising visibility

As one of the youngest sports to include mass participation it is still a very small sport in comparison to other well established entities. By promotion of the sport through accessibility and recognition, we will encourage support from organisations that will enable us to provide a well established grounding for the future.

Building goodwill

As OCR grows, We will endeavour to cascade and promote the benefits of participation in OCR, Across all levels of ability.

Sharing best practice

Through programmes, learning and sharing knowledge, We can all continue to make OCR an enjoyable and rewarding sport.

Establishing standards

OCR is all about challenging participants safely, Maintaining trust and continual improvement at all levels for the entire community. Therefore, We aim to maintain current safe practices, support and promote continual professional development at all levels, through training and communication.

Lobbying for recognition

We will work with the necessary sporting bodies and Government Departments, to establish OCR as a recognised sport in the UK.